Skills Required:

  • As Therapists need to communicate with the patients and their family memebes, the are expected to have good communication skills to explain patients the methods for quick-healing.
  • The therapist must be flexible and must adapt to different environment and settings. They must be able to use and create different therapies according to the need of the patients, as a single plan might not work for every kid.
  • These medical professional must have patience so that they can provide quality services to the children and must have good handwriting so that they can explain the designed therapy clearly.
  • Along with these, the professionals must have good interpersonal skills and should be concerned about the people they are serving.

Duties and Responsiblilities

  • Helping the children with sensory processing disorders so that they can perform and manage day-to-day activities like dressing and bathing easily.
  • Disorders like Dyspraia can affect the gross and motor movement of the child. The therapists are resposible for providing the necessary treatment to maximize the independence of the child.
  • Some of the children face difficulty with movements. These children generally suffer cerebral palsy, in which, the branin grows abnormally. The therapists design such techniques which help children develop abilities to cope-up with the difficulties and lead and independent life.
  • Children who are unable to communicate or interact properly with others can also get help from paediatric OT.
  • Apart from these, there are countless responsibilities of a pediatric OT like improving visual perception skills, curing learning disabilities, providing body awarenss , fulfilling complex health need, etc.