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Occupational Therapist

Sally Profile Picture.jpeg

Sally LIU

  • MSc in Health Care (Rehabilitation of People with Developmental Disability)

  • Professional Diploma in Occupational Therapy 

  • Bobath Certificate 

  • SI Certificate

  • To get permission approach to pediatric feeding Certificate 

  • Brazelton Neonatal Behavioral Assessment 

Sally is a registered Occupational Therapist in Hong Kong. She strives for improvement of the executive functions and self-care abilities of children, especially in fine motor skills and feeding skills. Through providing series of sensory integration assessments and interventions, children will get enhancements in self-regulation, attention, adaptation to environment, thereby more focused in learning, social interaction and daily activities.
Sally has been working in different government and NGO settings for many years. She was experienced in working with children of different ages including high risk infants, developmental delays, ASD, ADHD, neurodevelopmental problems, learning difficulties etc.

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